Over the month of March, I’ll be walking 200 km's to raise money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer. This illness is something that has really affected me and my family, as my wife Angie was diagnosed in September 2022. Like three quarters of other women with Ovarian Cancer she/they are diagnosed at the later stages when the disease is harder to treat. The symptoms are very subtle and can be misdiagnosed by GP's as IBS and other tummy issues.

My chosen Charity is Ovacome. They have and continue to provide so much support to Angie and thousands of other women as well as promoting awareness, wellbeing days etc.

The Ovarian Cancer colour is Teal. I’m quite a shy person so whilst walking I’ll be wearing a teal tutu, leg warmers, Ovacome T Shirt and my hair will be dyed to match the outfit . This will hopefully attract attention so that I can speak to people and raise some awareness myself.

Angie will also be joining me on some of the walks.We will be stopping at doctors’ surgeries to hand out posters and information leaflets that they can place in their waiting rooms. We will also have leaflets to hand out whilst walking.

Anything you can give towards my target of £500 would be greatly appreciated. To give you an example of what this could be used for;

For £28 you could provide an hour of 1 – 1 specialist support for someone affected by Ovarian Cancer

For £117 Ovacome could train five health professionals on how to recognise the signs of Ovarian Cancer and on patient support needs

For £98 you could pay for Ovacome to hold a live webinar with a leading clinician in the field of ovarian cancer, for up to 500 people affected by the disease.

Feel free to check out the link below where you can find out the signs of Ovarian Cancer which may one day provide life saving for yourself or the women in your life.



Julie Cheetham