Laura Jones This is the first year that our family will be facing Christmas without Nicky and we wanted to do something special in her memory. Nicky had an incredible brain and she absolutely bloody loved a quiz. Her happy place at Christmas was sitting on the floor, surrounded by family, with trivia questions being fired at her from all directions. So what better way to celebrate and remember Nicky than a festive quiz created in her memory, raising money for Ovacome.

A Merry Quizmas 2018 was written by Nicky's Mum & Dad, designed by me (her sister) and road-tested by her husband and two children. We are selling it for £1, plus any extra donations people want to give, and all money will be going to Ovacome. The quiz can be downloaded from here:

Why Ovacome? Ovarian cancer is a horrible, sneaky disease and Ovacome is a charity which provides a range of support services for anyone who has been affected. Ovacome's forums were a massively helpful source of support and information, right from the time Nicky was first diagnosed. (Especially for me, as I read them obsessively and kept telling my sister that 'knowledge is power'!) We now want to give something back and to help others who are going through the toughest of times.

Please share this page with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, so that we can get people quizzing in Nicky's name and raise lots of lovely money for Ovacome.

Thank you and Merry Christmas x Laura Jones