My mum is a warrior. Over the past forty years or so she has faced a number of challenges. While in her 30s she battled breast cancer. Three years ago my mum took on the fight against ovarian cancer and battled it again 12 months ago. The recent battles with cancer have involved two invasive surgeries and two rounds of chemo which have been exhausting and isolating (especially through the covid and post covid era).

Throughout all of this my abiding memory is the smile on my mum's face.

I know the battle has been tough and is a battle that continues but my mum has tackled this head on, with my dad faithfully supporting my mum in any way that is needed.

I am running the London Marathon on 21 April 2024 for a charity called Ovacome. Ovacome is a charity that provides support for women like my mum who with the support of their families are battling Ovarian cancer.

I know we have many calls on our money so please don't worry if you cannot support financially, please just ask me how I am doing - I am trying to beat my personal best time (and that of my brother-in-law). Training at age 54 is going to be a challenge but I have a plan and with your encouragement I am convinced I can achieve my targets, both personal and financially, for Ovacome.

Thank you for reading this far. Stuart Weekes