We are running a campaign to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer far and wide. We want to emphasise how important it is to go to your GP if you have persistent symptoms that are unusual for you.

This is particularly important at the moment because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Urgent referrals for people with suspicion of cancer dropped significantly in March – by up to 84%*. Although the number of urgent referrals has recovered since this is still a significant number of people who are not going to see their GP when they have symptoms.

The pandemic also had another implication – in March we and other organisations across the country run many information and support events for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The majority of events this March had to be cancelled and we don’t want to wait another year to get this vital message out there.

Our campaign is focusing particularly on raising awareness of the signs and symptoms among people from diverse communities, in the West Midlands and beyond. Our aim is to empower women with the knowledge to speak to their GP if they have unusual symptoms.

We know that for people whose first language is not English this can be even harder. That is why we have created leaflets and short informative films in 6 community langues widely spoken in the UK: Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati and Arabic.

To produce the films, we worked with local women and community groups Sampad, the Yemeni Community Association and the European Welfare Assocation. We are working with these organisations and a number of others to share the films as far as possible.

To further support those who may see these films and be concerned that they have symptoms of ovarian cancer, we have set up 6 new phone lines to provide support (via an interpreter) in these languages:

Arabic: 0121 647 6630
Bengali: 0121 647 6631
Gujarati: 0121 647 6632
Polish: 0121 647 6633
Punjabi: 0121 647 6634
Urdu: 0121 647 6635

Could you help us by sharing our resources as widely as possible? To request printed ovarian cancer awareness leaflets in any of our community languages, fill in the form below, or contact [email protected], or call 0800 008 7054.

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Community language ovarian cancer videos and resources


Arabic          Bengali          Gujarati

Polish          Punjabi           Urdu


Our English leaflet with all community language numbers


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Our social media awareness pack

Spread our vital awareness message among your friends, family and online communities with our social media infographics!

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It is owing to funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, that we were able to produce these resources and deliver this campaign. Many thanks to HM Government for making this possible.


*Lancet Oncol 2020; 21: 1035–44