Woman walking in a park with a hot drink looking at her phone

If you have had an ovarian cancer diagnosis you can join our friendly and supportive Walk With Me group. 

The aim of the group is to connect members of the Ovacome community who enjoy walking for exercise or who would like to take up walking as part of their recovery.

The group connect virtually on WhatsApp to share friendship, encouragement, stories, and photos of their walks. We also have a Strava club that you can use to share your routes and congratulate each other. 

The group was founded by one of our members, Allyson. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2020 Allyson took up walking as a way to improve her fitness as she prepared for surgery. She challenged herself to walk 1,000 miles in 2021, averaging a marathon a week! Allyson has found great benefits from walking, whatever the weather, and wants to share her passion and connect with others. 

“It would be great if we can create a community that will map our miles and of course support each other, but more importantly create a movement for women to get walking, with everyone connecting by WhatsApp” - Allyson

Some members of the group are taking part in the Ovacome Virtual Teal Walk, which is a fundraising challenge. However you do not have to take part in the challenge to join the Walk With Me group. Walk With Me is a separate social group.


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Meet and hear from some of our Walk With Me members: 


“Walking each day brings so many benefits from keeping me fit to helping my immune system to giving me a boost, mentally; by the time I get back home, my cheeks are rosy and I feel uplifted. I’m learning to be mindful during my walks and have found that I see and hear so much more which has given me a new appreciation for nature.” - Gillian 


“This group is absolutely amazing. We didn’t know each other before and now have such support. It’s wonderful seeing other parts of the UK and it is lovely having such a friendship.” - Ameena