"I found invaluable support during the Younger Women’s Group provided monthly by Ovacome. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2016. After two operations I was treated with chemotherapy. One loses lots of confidence after surgery and chemo (believe me!). Sharing experiences during the Younger Women’s Group, I could be understood and relax.  I wanted to do something for a wonderful charity and I modelled at the prestigious Touch of Teal Tea with Ovacome event at the Mayfair Hotel in March 2018. The opportunity to take over a Treasury role came just before that and I felt proud to be part of Ovacome. I get to work with some remarkable people in a wide range of environments. I love the energy and kindness of the amazing people that volunteer and work for Ovacome."

"Becoming a voluntary Treasurer (Trustee) at Ovacome has given me a different perspective on the finance role. I am reporting Ovacome's financial affairs to the board of trustees, dealing with matters such as ensuring that our accounts are audited meeting the requirements set by the Charity Commission."

"Taking on an honorary Treasurer role extends knowledge and introduces new ways of thinking from people who come from diverse walks of life. It adds a different dimension to commercial life and allows me to give something back. I am amazed by the diversity and innovation that surround me. It is about being able to make a real difference and a direct impact on the work of the charity."


Volunteering opportunities