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6 February 2020 

"Among the many fantastic things about the charity sector are the wonderful collaborations and partnerships that we create between charities.  Over the last 18 months we have worked with over 50 charities, many are local cancer charities or hospices, among which is the wonderful White House Cancer Centre in Dudley where our West Midlands Support Hub is based, their warm welcome and lemon drizzle cake is unmatched."  

"We are really looking forward to working with Go Girls to improve support services in the South West, the Dorset support days later in the year will be super friendly and informative due to the inimitable Hilary Maxwell (CEO).  We have had an increasing number of requests for support from our members in the South West and it is just great to be able to partner up with Go Girls to deliver on our promise to give more support in the region."

"Another of very favourite partners is Ovarian Cancer Action – the leaders in ovarian cancer research in the UK. Their skilled and knowledgeable team are such a joy to work with, they are making a very real difference in research and we have worked together on a few support events too."

"Building partnerships and joining resources together to make a real impact is a win-win. It means that your donations and support go further, we reach far more people with much more inclusive services and there is less duplication.  So, from all of us at Ovacome, to all our partner charities we would like to raise our slice of lemon drizzle and say a very big THANK YOU."


Victoria Clare, CEO of Ovacome