We offer online education sessions for healthcare professionals to inform your medical practice as you care for those with ovarian cancer.   

Sessions highlight the diversity of patient experience, with particular focus on health inequalities and the barriers to care faced by underrepresented groups. We offer simple but meaningful ways for you to address these inequalities and apply the learning in your everyday practice. We also cover the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and the importance of considering ovarian cancer early on as a possible diagnosis.    

We currently have patient perspective materials to provide sessions that cover issues faced by people diagnosed with ovarian cancer in groups underrepresented due to: 

  • age (under 45 or over 70)  
  • identifying as LGBTQ+  
  • communication difficulties (e.g. English as a second language or low health literacy) 

We are also gathering patient perspective materials on people diagnosed with ovarian cancer in groups underrepresented due to:  

  • ethnicity  
  • deprivation
  • rurality and proximity to a major cancer centre  

Standard sessions last approximately one hour and take place on Zoom. You will hear directly from people affected by ovarian cancer to better understand the patient experience and what you can do to improve ovarian cancer care for all. There will be time for questions and all attendees will be sent follow-up resources summarizing key learnings.    

Sessions can be tailored to your needs and interests.   

Click here to express your interest and book a session 

The Peter Sowerby Foundation has been integral to our work in developing this project.