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Social media is a powerful tool for fundraising and for raising awareness of ovarian cancer and the support services Ovacome provides. Below are some easy suggestions for how you can use social media to support our vital work.

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser

To create a Facebook fundraising page, make sure you're logged into Facebook, then click the button below. If you would like any help setting up your page, please get in touch with Alannah at [email protected]. Here are some examples of our amazing Facebook fundraisers!


Set up a Facebook fundraiser


£124 could pay for six weeks of online support for someone who is feeling isolated


Add a donate button to your post on Instagram or Facebook 

You can also add a donate button to an individual post on your Instagram page or Facebook live video.

For Instagram:

Create a post and upload your photo. When you get to the next screen (where you can write a caption etc.), you will see the option to 'add fundraiser'. Click this and type ovacomecharity into the search bar (our logo is our teal ribbon) - select us. To change your 'goal amount', simply tap 'edit fundraiser', update your target and click 'done' in the top right hand corner of your screen. Then click 'share' as usual and you're done! People will now be able to donate to us through your post. It's that simple! 

For Facebook live videos via the app:

Using the Facebook mobile app, sign into your account and go to the 'home' screen. Click the 'what's on your mind?' box at the top of the page, then on the following screen click the 'live video' option on the menu tab. Go to the three lines icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and select 'raise money'. Type 'Ovacome' into the search bar (our logo is our teal ribbon) - select us. Then you can 'go live'. You've done it! People will now be able to donate to us through your live stream.


Setting up a Facebook event

If you're planning any kind of virtual fundraising event, it's a great idea to set up a Facebook events page to help you spread the word and encourage your network to get involved. You can invite all your Facebook friends to join your virtual fundraiser and keep all the information about your event in one place.

Find out how to set up a Facebook event

Share your fundraising page on social media

If you already have a fundraising page set up, don't forget to share it on your social media and ask your family/friends/followers to make a donation and share it on their own profiles. Be sure to include the link so people can donate to your page!

Tips for using Facebook to fundraise

  • You can a create group chat using Facebook messenger with everyone helping you to organise your virtual fundraising event.
  • After your virtual fundraising event has finished, share lots of photos on Facebook to encourage more people to donate.
  • Sharing any fundraising pages on Facebook is important to help increase donations.
  • If you are doing a sponsored challenge like our Ovarian Cancer Teal Walk as part of your daily exercise, take photos of your progress or training and share these on Facebook. Videos can get even more engagement!
  • Follow Ovacome on Facebook so you can share our posts to let your community know where the money from your fundraising is going and how they are helping people living with ovarian cancer.


£232 could cover the cost of one of our support group sessions