Photo of Cathy Hughes

Dr. Cathy Hughes, Chair of Ovacome

Cathy was one of the first specialist nurses in gynaecological cancer in the UK. Having read an article about Ovacome in a Good Housekeeping magazine Cathy soon became involved with the charity in one way or another ever since, leading to her becoming an Ovacome trustee to help support the charity in a more direct way. Cathy hopes to bring to the charity the voice of the many women she has known with Ovarian cancer and an improved understanding of healthcare delivery.



Photo of Paul McKew

Paul McKew, Treasurer

Paul has a wealth of commercial, financial and accounting experience in businesses across a range of industries. And he says he has a personal interest in wanting to help support people with ovarian cancer.

Paul lost his wife, Kerry, to ovarian cancer in 2017, a life changing event which prompted him to switch from his career as a chartered accountant and also to become an ambassador at Cancer Research UK. 



Photo of Professor Sean Kehoe

Professor Sean Kehoe (FRCOG, MA, MD, DCH, MB, BCh, BAO, BA), Head of Ovacome Medical Advisory Board

Sean is the Head of Ovacome's Medical Advisory Board and Professor of Gynaecological Cancer at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, Birmingham.



Adrian Dickinson

Adrian's wife Sarah was the founder of Ovacome, 23 years ago. Adrian's aim is to continue Sarah's legacy and improve the support for those touched by Ovarian Cancer, and hopes to bring both his personal experiences and experience in organisational design and innovation to the charity.


Photo of Lesley Sage

Lesley Sage

Lesley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May 2011. During the rebuilding of life after a second major operation and dose-dense chemotherapy, she went to the London Marathon to support her son-in-law and there saw a runner in an Ovacome t-shirt. After attending the 2015 Members Day, she volunteered for STS and to be considered as a Trustee. 



Photo of Marta Wojcik

Marta Wojcik

Marta began her journey in finance in secondary school in Poland and led to her successfully completing an ACCA accountancy qualification in the UK. Whilst working for a commercial organisation was interesting, Marta always had a drive to do something different and more fulfilling.

After cancer treatment Marta took part in Touch of Teal Tea with Ovacome and soon after took the opportunity to become a treasurer. Following two years as a treasurer Marta continued her journey as a trustee at Ovacome and a member of sub finance committee. As a trustee, Marta feels she has the opportunity to share her knowledge, skills and energy, allowing her to broaden her view of what she does and who she is.

Marta believes her volunteer work has been an opportunity to meet new people which have has become significant in her life and praises Ovacome for helping her meet others with the disease. The continued support of Ovacome charity has helped Marta navigate life after treatment. Since becoming a trustee of an ovarian cancer support charity close to her heart, Marta feel's she is able to give something back. Marta hopes to continue to invest her time in helping to support Ovacome as a trustee.



Photo of Samixa Shah

Samixa Shah

Samixa contacted Ovacome when she started chemotherapy after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. She found the support from Ovacome to be very helpful and empowering. Samixa was one of the first members to be recruited to the Survivor Teaching Students programme and has continued to be part of this programme.

Samixa has been very passionate about raising awareness of ovarian cancer, especially within minority communities, to ensure people are diagnosed early enough to have successful treatment. She was a keynote speaker at the Tea with Ovacome Awareness Month event in 2015 and was a model for the charity fashion show at this same event in 2016. She approached BBC Asian Network and was interviewed in May 2015 to mark World Ovarian Cancer Day and had an article printed in the Asian Voice in March 2016. She has also been involved in raising awareness within other South Asian communities.

Samixa has decided to join Ovacome as a trustee because she believes that Ovacome looks after the wellbeing of anyone affected by ovarian cancer, including those from minority communities, and more importantly continues to look after them even after treatment has stopped and a person may have no evidence of disease. She therefore wants to ensure that this continues and help improve the lives of anyone affected by ovarian cancer.



Victoria von Wachter

Victoria’s main areas of practice are employment and discrimination law. She has successfully represented clients in both the public and private sectors. Victoria is adept at handling complex and lengthy employment law cases with special expertise in all types of discrimination and whistle-blowing claims. 



Photo of Bob Leach

Bob Leach

Retired chartered management accountant Bob Leach identified Ovacome as a charity with potential for big growth when he applied to be a trustee.

“It is great to be part of that,” says Bob, a former chartered management accountant and partner with Price Waterhouse with a focus on strategic and financial management consultancy.

“For Ovacome I hope I can bring both my strategic and financial management skills in addition to a pretty good understanding of governance issues,” says Bob. “Ovacome is a great charity, with a great team and is poised to develop much further in my view.”

Bob has also written a book about his experience of trying to find a cure for his late grandson’s rare germ cell cancer.

“The position at Ovacome resonated with me because a small percentage of ovarian cancers are germ cell cancers."


Photo of Jonathan Brindley

Jonathan Brindley

Since losing his partner of 10 years, Steph, to skin cancer in 2015, Jonathan Brindley, owner of industrial marketing consultancy JBPRM, has wanted to channel this experience into helping a charity. 

He says he is excited as an Ovacome trustee to be rolling up his shirt sleeves to pass on his marketing, communications and business development skills.