Ovacome members in a belly dancing class at an ovarian cancer event

Publish 2 January 2019. Reviewed October 2022.

Belly dance is a low-impact form of exercise, which when practiced properly can help to gently increase core strength and improve posture. 

Fleur Estelle is a holistic belly dancer who is passionate about sharing the countless benefits belly dancing can offer. Using specially designed exercises and self-development techniques, Fleur’s approach connects body, mind and soul, helping each student to increase their confidence and build self-esteem.

Fleur has kindly led a number of workshops at Ovacome health and wellbeing events, adapting her classes to suit women who have received treatment for ovarian cancer. She has shown that belly dance can even be practiced from a seated position, isolating different parts of the body and allowing dancers to move in the way that they feel most comfortable.

Fleur started ballet dancing at the Vacani Ballet School aged 3 and says that dance has always been in her heart. She discovered belly dancing as a teenager, and went on to devote the final year thesis of her Psychology degree to the psychological impact of belly dancing upon women. Throughout her own health challenges and in her daily life, the natural movements and spirit of belly dance have become a gentle but robust support that has enabled her to experience peace and connection within herself and her body.

In 2006, Fleur established the London-based Fleur Estelle School which has since grown to include a team of 8 instructors offering classes in central London seven days a week. Fleur loves how belly dancing can be tailor made to suit different abilities, circumstances and challenges.

Fleur has a particular interest in working with women who have been affected by cancer and other life-altering illnesses, because belly dancing can be a gentle, low impact form of exercise which:

  • Provides a positive and empowering way to reconnect with the body during or after a period of illness and/or surgery
  • Helps to strengthen muscles, improve posture and aid overall fitness
  • Helps to improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility
  • Provides an opportunity to leave all cares at the door and enjoy something new, fun, absorbing and wonderfully refreshing


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