"I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in May 2012 after a CT scan and biopsy confirmed ovarian cancer in the lymph nodes in the chest and abdomen. Despite my GP referring me to the gynae-oncology unit of my local hospital as soon as I saw her, it took seven months for me to be diagnosed after also going through the gastroenterology and haematology departments."

"I decided to volunteer for Ovacome since I had found so much support from them during my treatment and wanted to give something back as well as raise awareness of ovarian cancer."

"In 2014, I was one of three members involved in the launch of the Survivors Teach Student (STS) project. I have since volunteered for numerous STS sessions to student doctors, nurses and radiographers at various universities in the UK."

"I believe that an early diagnosis can lead to early treatment which can lead to a better quality of life. I have tried to raise awareness in the Asian community and encourage engagement with support charities."

"I was interviewed by the BBC Asian network on World Ovarian Cancer day 2016 and wrote an article for an Asian newspaper. I was a keynote speaker for Tea with Ovacome 2015 and modelled for Tea with Ovacome 2016." 

"My husband and I were interviewed on Sunrise Radio, an Asian radio network, in September 2018 and this gave me another opportunity to talk about ovarian cancer and Ovacome."


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