As I begin to write this post it's 23:10 pm and tomorrow morning I make my way down to the theatre to have my fourth surgery since 2019 to eradicate my suspected recurring ovarian cancer. (With a side of endometriosis for good measure). It's quite ironic really that the same cause that I'm racing to raise funds to support patients with ovarian cancer, is actually the same disease that tries to control my body and quality of life.

That's why I want to make a statement and take on a really big challenge to support Ovacome, an information & support group helping anyone battling the disease feel less alone.

What's the challenge? Run the London Marathon of course! First up let's address the elephant in the room....
Am I a runner? NO!
Can I currently run more than 3km without stopping? Definitely not.
Have I said my whole life I'm not built for running? Yup.

But no more, these are excuses and small in comparison to what so many cancer patients are dealing with on a daily basis. It's time to get uncomfortable, both physically & mentally.

The plan? Recover from my operation and start my marathon training to raise as much money as possible. So please dig deep and help me raise funds, and make a patient's cancer journey that little bit less scary, with the kind warm community of Ovacome.

Update: I've now booked to run the Goodwood half marathon as a mini milestone and my amazing superhero of a consultant is running it with me!

I will be thinking of every single ovarian cancer patient when I cross that finish line, past and present. I'm with you.

(If for whatever reason I'm not healthy enough to run, my place will be deferred and all funds transferred to 2025)

Thank you!



Anna Craddock